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This is the Getting Started Guide for the CloudFace Contacts service. You should first read the sections in this page and then jump to the more advanced topics below.


Server Location San Jose. California. USA.

Server accepts SSL secure connections on port 636.

Client Configuration

Once you know the server name to use, you need to configure your client (CloudFace Contacts can be looked up using any client that supports the “LDAP” protocol). Here are generic instructions for configuring your LDAP client to connect to the CloudFace server.

  • BIND and BASE or SEARCH DN should be: uid=<username>, ou=People, If your login name is surf, the BIND and BASE DN would be: uid=surf, ou=People,
  • SSL should be enabled, port 636

You can find more detailed instructions for specific clients below.


Some step-by-step configuration settings for some popular LDAP supported clients.

Client Comparison

All clients support Searching - being able to search for a contact. However, most of these clients do NOT support Browsing. Browsing lists all your contacts on the server when the Address Book is opened.

Here is a product matrix that shows the differences.

Client LDAP support Browsing
Apple Mac OSX Yes No
Apple iOS using Yes Yes
Evolution Windows and Linux Yes Yes
Outlook Express Yes No
Outlook Yes No1
Thunderbird Yes No2
Luma Yes Yes

1Outlook seems to have LDAP Browsing feature but requires Group Policy changes.

2Thunderbird has an extension called Contacts Sidebar that allows Browsing.

Known Issues

Here are bugs/enhancement requests with the LDAP features in their respective clients. Please “vote” for these bugs to get your voice heard!

  • iPhone 7226503 Does not recognize chained certificates
  • Mac OS X Address Book: 7226520 Browse-able and/or Edit-able LDAP server
  • Mac OS X Address Book: 8252309 AB doesn't query homePhone and homePostalAddress
  • Thunderbird 86405 Browse-able and/or Edit-able LDAP server


Here are some VoIP (hard and soft) phones that support LDAP protocol. Please note: We have not tested these and you should be sure they work before plunging ahead and purchasing them for use with our CloudFace. You'll of course need a SIP provider for this.

Soft Phones

Hard/Desk Phones

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