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Bugs in 1.1:

  • Should have a Cancel button when adding new contacts (only shows “Device” “Cloud” “Device and Cloud”)
  • No activity/progress meter when contacts are being loaded or searched
  • Search for something. Now erase the search string. Hit Search button in the keyboard. We should not show all the contacts, unless browseMode is on.
  • Performance problem. Minimize getGroupedImage getUnGrouptedImage calls
  • Password text field should be rendered above the keyboard (Server Edit)
  • Better error handling for when not able to connect to server (e.g. redirect back to server/home screen when not able to connect to server). Should also not be able to Export contacts if the server is not reachable (exception handling)
  • In the Server Table screen, moving the Server's up and down the table doesn't get saved after App is restarted
  • Bind DN text field should be large too
  • Create a Server with a bad host name (e.g., click on the Server, you get Alert saying it could not connect, but network activity status indicator is still running
  • Configurable port number in Server
  • RFE: iAd (disable iAd for in-app Standard upgrade)
  • RFE: iPad compatibility

Bugs fixed in 1.1:

  • We do far too many getProfile calls (addressbookdatasource.m).
  • “Section 3” of the Profile
  • For the Section 0 of the Edit/Create Profile screen, can we load from a different Nib file instead of TextFieldTableViewCell? … and then make it so the row heights are bigger (the search filter will fit in)
  • Wasn't showing non-ASCII/international characters properly

Bugs fixed in 1.0.2:

  • CRASH: Unable to add Business address with one of the fields missing (postal code, country, state …)
  • CRASH: Import crashes when the home Address (or any address) is found
  • When adding new server, enter some data, select Search Profile selection button, when you come back, the data you entered disappears
  • In Profile edit, the sub scope option doesn't get saved when toggled on/off * Let's actually remove this field from the Profile screen. Default should be to use “one” scope. If someone wants sub or base scope, they'll need to get it from the XML configuration
  • When saving dateOfBirth, it is not saving to their individual birthDay/birthYear/birthMonth
  • In the XML file's <search></search> tag, you can have specific attributes to get from LDAP rather then get ALL attributes. e.g: * <search><mail/><cn/></search> This would do LDAP search and specifically REQUEST mail and cn attributes from LDAP server (Need this to connect to my Sun Corporate LDAP) :)
  • Properly handle sizelimit exceeded error from server (better use ldap_search_ext instead of ldap_search_s and then parse results as they “come in” with ldap_result), that's how I do it on the web site). I think I saw this in the code but we should also have a configurable (through XML file) a sizelimit (set by the client). In case we want to see only 100 entries etc. I added <search sizelimit=“100” scope…></search> to the XML schema.
  • If the profile has browsing set to Off, we should not do any LDAP searches by default, except when they type in some string to search on.
  • Add new Tab Bar “Help” on Home screen that does a UIWebView to URL like I can use that URL to give usage guide etc. Lot of people are confused about what Profiles are and this will help.

Bugs fixed in 1.0.1:

No idea. :)

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