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 +Bugs in 1.1:
 +  * <​del>​Should have a Cancel button when adding new contacts (only shows "​Device"​ "​Cloud"​ "​Device and Cloud"​)</​del>​
 +  * No activity/​progress meter when contacts are being loaded or searched
 +  * Search for something. Now erase the search string. Hit Search button in the keyboard. We should not show all the contacts, unless browseMode is on.
 +  * Performance problem. Minimize getGroupedImage getUnGrouptedImage calls
 +  * <​del>​Password text field should be rendered above the keyboard (Server Edit)</​del>​
 +  * Better error handling for when not able to connect to server (e.g. redirect back to server/home screen when not able to connect to server). Should also not be able to Export contacts if the server is not reachable (exception handling)
 +  * In the Server Table screen, moving the Server'​s up and down the table doesn'​t get saved after App is restarted
 +  * <​del>​Bind DN text field should be large too</​del>​
 +  * Create a Server with a bad host name (e.g.,​ click on the Server, you get Alert saying it could not connect, but network activity status indicator is still running
 +  * <​del>​Configurable port number in Server</​del>​
 +  * RFE: iAd (disable iAd for in-app Standard upgrade)
 +  * RFE: iPad compatibility
 +Bugs fixed in 1.1:
 +  * <​del>​We do far too many getProfile calls (addressbookdatasource.m).</​del>​
 +  * <​del>"​Section 3" of the Profile</​del>​
 +  * <​del>​For the Section 0 of the Edit/Create Profile screen, can we load from a different Nib file instead of TextFieldTableViewCell?​ ... and then make it so the row heights are bigger (the search filter will fit in)</​del>​
 +  * <​del>​Wasn'​t showing non-ASCII/​international characters properly</​del>​
 +Bugs fixed in 1.0.2:
 +  * <​del>​CRASH:​ Unable to add Business address with one of the fields missing (postal code, country, state ...)</​del>​
 +  * <​del>​CRASH:​ Import crashes when the home Address (or any address) is found</​del>​
 +  * <​del>​When adding new server, enter some data, select Search Profile selection button, when you come back, the data you entered disappears</​del>​
 +  * <​del>​In Profile edit, the sub scope option doesn'​t get saved when toggled on/off
 +    * Let's actually remove this field from the Profile screen. Default should be to use "​one"​ scope. If someone wants sub or base scope, they'​ll need to get it from the XML configuration</​del>​
 +  * <del> When saving dateOfBirth,​ it is not saving to their individual birthDay/​birthYear/​birthMonth</​del>​
 +  * <​del>​In the XML file's <​search></​search>​ tag, you can have specific attributes to get from LDAP rather then get ALL attributes. e.g:
 +    * <​search><​mail/><​cn/></​search> ​ This would do LDAP search and specifically REQUEST mail and cn attributes from LDAP server ​ (Need this to connect to my Sun Corporate LDAP) :​)</​del>​
 +  * <​del>​Properly handle sizelimit exceeded error from server (better use ldap_search_ext instead of ldap_search_s and then parse results as they "come in" with ldap_result),​ that's how I do it on the web site). I think I saw this in the code but we should also have a configurable (through XML file) a sizelimit (set by the client). In case we want to see only 100 entries etc. I added <search sizelimit="​100"​ scope...></​search>​ to the XML schema.</​del>​
 +  * <​del>​If the profile has browsing set to Off, we should not do any LDAP searches by default, except when they type in some string to search on.</​del>​
 +  * <​del>​Add new Tab Bar "​Help"​ on Home screen that does a UIWebView to URL like http://​​cloudface. I can use that URL to give usage guide etc. Lot of people are confused about what Profiles are and this will help.</​del>​
 +Bugs fixed in 1.0.1:
 +No idea. :)
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