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CloudFace in the Browser

These instructions are for using CloudFace from the Browser. Check out our CloudFace documentation for help with configuring other software or devices to connect to LDAP.

Creating and Making Changes

Contacts can be created by clicking on the “CREATE NEW ENTRY” row in the main contacts table. To make modifications to an entry, you can simply click on that specific contact to be edited.

Home and Business Address

The Home and Business address have a special rule. When entering address, it should be a maximum of 5 lines. Each line represents a different address field. E.g. Line 1 becomes the street address, line 2 is city, and so on…:

street              (line 1)
locality or city    (line 2)
state               (line 3)
postal code         (line 4)
country             (line 5)

Control Panel

  • Backup: A backup is done of all the contacts and sent to your registered email address. You will receive an email with two attachments. One of them is a PDF version of all your contacts. The other is an LDIF format. This format is only understood by an LDAP server - keep this for backups, in case there is a catastrophe, we can restore your contacts with this file.
  • Import: Import contacts from other address books into your LDAPBook account. Right now only name and email addresses are imported.
  • Delete: Delete ALL contacts from address book.
  • External LDAP: Connect to an external LDAP server (e.g. at your work). Please do not add your's LDAPBook account here. It is meant for querying other external LDAP servers. Passwords are not stored on our servers.


There are two ways of deleting contacts:

  • You can drag and drop a contact into the bottom right Trash can
  • Click the delete Trash can in the Control Panel - this will delete all contacts

As stated in our policy, we'll honor all account deletions. If you are unsatisfied with the service, we'll be happy to delete your whole account and it's contacts. We hate to see you go though, so please let us know your reasons for the request and we'll comply - it'll help us improve the product!


Tags are single word (preferred) descriptions you can assign a contact. For example, you can assign “friends” to several contacts. Here are some rules:

  • You assign tags by clicking on the Tag column field for each of your contacts
  • You can assign multiple tags to a contact with a comma separated list
  • You need to reload the whole page for the tag cloud to be built - the Tag section under the Control Panel
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