ZFS file system and Backups

Note: Due to a bug in OpenIndiana build 147, the ROOT zfs pool after an initial reboot is hidden. This will be fixed in a future upgrade. Contact us for a workaround.


When you first login to your system, you will see several file systems. The */* partition is mounted on the *zones/zone/ROOT* file system.

root@mask:~# zfs list
zones                  68.6G   220G    53K  /zones
zones/mask             4.31G  3.69G    34K  /zones/mask
zones/mask/LOCAL        810M  3.69G   810M  /var/lighttpd
zones/mask/ROOT        3.52G  3.69G    23K  legacy
zones/mask/ROOT/zbe    1.83M  3.69G  1.06G  legacy
zones/mask/ROOT/zbe-1  74.5K  3.69G  1.06G  legacy
zones/mask/ROOT/zbe-2  3.52G  3.69G  2.86G  legacy
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